Making the Technique an Automatic Habit

Making the Technique an Automatic Habit

Having trouble making constructive rest a routine practice? Using the philosophy that BJ Fogg has named Tiny Habits, we can find a way to make constructive rest part of your daily routine.

I have an aversion to routine. I enjoy change. I like new. I thrive off that sense of adventure. And yet, I also enjoy peace and stability. These are two parts of myself often at war with each other and cause me to fail in implementing new healthy habits. Even habits I badly want to do!

I recently read BJ Fogg’s book, “Tiny Habits” and realized that my lack of routine was a main source of my resistance to implementing healthy habits.

For example, I know I feel better after practicing constructive rest, so why don’t I practice it more of the time? My motivation is high. I get a boost of energy from it, I feel taller, stronger, and more flexible. I have a relatively flexible schedule, so there are definitely times during my day that I could practice. I have plenty of space in which to get on the floor and practice, so what was my problem?

The answer was, I had not found a good anchor in which to hook my CR habit. Fogg describes an anchor as, “An existing routine in your life that will remind you to do the Tiny Behavior (your new habit).”

Following the instruction in his book, I decided to experiment and put my Constructive Rest practice after an activity that I do everyday.

I decided to do it after I pee in the morning.


A little gross, I know. But it is a simple thing that I do consistently every day, and that was what I needed.

I often wake up feeling groggy and a bit stiff from sleep—so what better time to do Constructive Rest?

But…I am rebellious, and often busy with lots of things on my to-do list. And the thought of stopping everything for 10-20 mins to lay on the floor was making me feel resistant again. So I made the goal much tinier. I didn’t have to do 10-20 mins. All I had to do was crumple onto the floor.

I could do that.

Since I have been rehearsing this new pattern of behaviors, (Peeing in the morning, and then crumpling to the floor by my bed), I have found that I am really starting the day off on the right foot.  And I celebrate the fact, that no matter what, I am doing CR every day. Once I have crumpled to the floor, it seems silly not to lay in my CR position. Once I have done that, I organize my body. Sometimes it is for 1 minute. Sometimes it is for 20 mins. Regardless, I am celebrating this new Habit and it is becoming easier and more automatic.  My resistance is vanishing as it becomes natural and automatic for me to crumple to the ground to lay there. 

I have LOVED reading Tiny Habits and am now putting it into practice in so many ways.  I would love to help you join these habits to your Alexander Technique Practice.  It works! Additionally, it is so much easier than you would think!  I can help you unlock the keys to your own practice and fitting it into your schedule.


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