Marie Kondo your Body!

Marie Kondo your Body!

Marie Kondo has become incredibly popular in our popular culture.  The idea behind her tidying method is to hold the objects of your home and ask yourself, “Does this spark joy for me?” and if it does, you keep it and keep it organized. If it does not, you thank it for being of help to you, and then you let it go.

I thought to myself, what a wonderful idea not only for your home, but for your body! 

Is your neck sparking joy right now (or is it tense and in pain?)

What about your back?

Slowly scan your entire body and ask yourself, does this body part feel good? Easy? Free? or Does it not?

After this, you want to ask yourself: Does How I Use my Body Spark Joy?

If not, there may be a habitual way that you are using your body that has outstayed its welcome. Thank your habit, and make the choice to let it go. Allow your body to try something different–something that sparks Joy.

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Having your body organized (like you did when you were a child) is incredibly important when trying to feel joy.  How can you feel joy when you are in pain or are physically uncomfortable? 

Remember, your head (the crown of your head) leads, and the rest of your body follows.

Try visualizing that you are a puppet that has many strings coming off you.  These strings move you around, and you get to just hang off of them.  Let the crown of your head lead you Forward and UP into walking, sitting, standing, laying down….

If the strings move you for you, do you feel easier?

Let me know!

And if you have never had an Alexander Technique lesson–what are you waiting for?  They are so much fun, and you get to learn about how your body is organized so that you have less tension, less pain, and more JOY!

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